“Overcoming Procrastination – Here’s How To Stop Procrastinating” – Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan

How to stop procrastinating.

Okay, so let’s talk about how to stop procrastinating.  Right now I’m going to share to two approaches to stop procrastinating.  These are two approaches that I use all the time, and are things that really work for me.  And there are many ways, and in some of the other videos here you’ll see some other ways to stop procrastinating, but these two, I really enjoy them.

The first thing to do to stop procrastinating is to stop trying to do things that don’t matter.  Stop trying to get yourself to do things that you know you’re never going to do anyway.  Give yourself permission to cross off the list all the stuff you’re never going to do anyway.  This just dumps a metal load off your brain, and you feel lighter.  You feel like, oh, all right, exactly, I’m never going to do that anyway, so why was I even thinking about it.  So first thing, get it off your list.

The second thing to do is instead of trying to create a big list of things to do every day, and remember to do the right thing when you’re supposed to is don’t even put yourself in that situation where you can procrastinate in the first place.  The way to do this is to create positive habits in your life.  Now, I’m going to go into how to create positive in another video, and you’ll also learn more about it at wakeupproductive.com, but for the time being, I’m just going to say right now, stop habitualizing, or ritualizing, or systemizing, or routinizing those things that are the most important things, and start doing them every day at the same time.  And what you’ll find is that, especially in the work arena, in business, if you will make rituals and routines out of the very high value things in your life, every day you’ll do them at the same time automatically because if you think about it, you already do the same things every day, at the same time automatically.

When we procrastinate what we’re usually doing is resisting doing something different than we normally do.  We have our routines that we’re in.  We’re all creatures of habit.  We like to do the same things at around the same times every day.  And when we’re procrastinating, what we’re doing is going oh, I don’t really want to do that thing right now.  Sometimes we don’t know why.  We’re coming up with a bunch of excuses.  And it’s usually just because it’s not a habit.  It’s not a routine.  It’s not something that we do automatically every day.

As an example, I struggled for years with trying to get my sleep, and my exercise, and my diet all in shape.  Well, that all changed when I built a simple routine where I go to sleep at the same time, I wake up around the same time, and then I do my exercise first thing, and then I eat a healthy meal first thing, and then I just made a routine out of that.  So I go to sleep, I get enough sleep, I wake up, first thing that I do is that I make sure that I get my exercise, and then I have a healthy meal.  And now I’m pulled into these routines every day, and I don’t have to worry about procrastinating because it’s a ritual; it’s something that I do the same every day.

Now, it takes 30 days or so to actually create a new habit, so you got to force yourself to do it at the same time every day.  At two to three weeks you’ll notice it gets easier and easier, and then at about a month you’re just doing the exact same thing every day.  You’re pulled into it.  You find yourself doing it automatically.

So there are two great techniques for eliminating procrastination that are counterintuitive; you may not have thought of.  No. 1, cross off your list all the things that you’re never going to do anyway, that you hate doing, that you want to do.  Outsource that stuff.  Hire someone online that’s a virtual assistant.  Hire someone locally that will come work for you for $10 an hour to just do that stuff that you’re never going to do anyway.  Get it off your list.

And second, instead of focusing on the procrastination, focus on creating routines and habits that you do every day at the same time, so that you do the important things, so that procrastination doesn’t even come up as a problem.

And finally, if you’d like to learn how to really master time management and productivity, learn how to keep yourself focused, learn how to eliminate procrastination for good, and learn how to create positive habits and eliminate negative ones, just go to WakeUpProductive.com right now to watch my 47 minute video on how to manage yourself and your time, and how to make yourself dramatically more productive.  The video is worth $100, but you can watch it for free by just visiting WakeUpProductive.com, entering your name and email address, and opting in.

Of course, I’ll also send you many more valuable free video trainings, and I’ll also send you private invitations to listen to me interviewing some of the top experts in the world on business, marketing, success, and productivity; all for free.  Just go to WakeUpProductive.com, enter your name and email address to get it all right now.


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